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Sommelier Cru Private Cellar
Wine Selection Process

Nearly every wine company in the world chooses their wine the same way; their buyers taste a lot of wines, and make a decision based upon price, label, reputation, taste, margin and marketing support.

By contrast, we don't. Our tastings and master-classes are attended by up to 40 sommeliers who deliver their verdicts in a blind-selection process. They don't see the bottle or know the price or debate the margin. They simply select those that taste the best, which we then purchase and offer to you. We believe this makes the Sommelier Cru Private Cellar selection the most independent in the world.

Furthermore, we don't pay the sommeliers, so we can pass the saving on to you. But you might find it interesting that sales of each case are re-invested in training and accrediting the sommeliers of tomorrow; so thanks for your support. Just one more way we ensure higher standards for our customers.