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Private Tastings

Transform your event into an affair to remember, whilst we work with you to create a seamless evening that not only entertains but also allows you to enjoy superb sommelier-selected wines destined for Michelin-starred restaurants.

Tastings can be either at your home or office, or we can work with you to find a venue. We bring everything to you, and if guests would like to purchase any of the wines, they are delivered after the event.

Let us give you some ideas....

Informal & Entertaining

Your guests are welcomed with a refreshing glass of bubbles. After a bit of catching up your small group is guided through a tasting of sommelier-selected wines. In addition to the expected wine information (made here, tastes like, etc) you also discover all that obscure trivia that frankly is what most of us really remember the next day! How refreshing that a few glasses to accompany some very lively conversation can create a perfect evening.

A Grand Gala

Imagine yourself at a traditional black tie/evening gown dinner. Now throw in a sommelier with his sabre flashing and opening Champagne bottles; the corks are flying. Some guests are blind-folded while trying to identify different wines. Others are testing themselves as they sniff glasses filled with professional tasting aromas; there's lively debate as to which glass contains the deliberate ‘wine fault’. In the ballroom, dinner awaits at which the wines have been carefully matched to the courses. The corporate message is clear - we care enough about our guests to create a memorable night.

Contact us today to ask what we can do together; we look forward to transforming your next event.