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The Sommelier Cru Team

Coz Kampanaos Coz Kampanaos
Managing Director
Jen Johnson Jen Johnson
Company Secretary
Emma Bland Emma Bland
Business Manager
Teresa Pabst Teresa Pabst
Commercial Director
Mark Charlesworth Mark Charlesworth
Website / Technical
Graham Hossie Graeme Hossie
Advisory Board Member
Anthony Gahan Anthony Gahan
Advisory Board Member

Mark Charlesworth
Webmaster and all things technical

Favourite restaurant: The Saltlik, Banff, AB, Canada
Recommended food/wine pairing: Probably a 'proper' steak and a Rioja Gran Reserva
Wine most likely to drink on a Sunday evening: One of SC's '...for working all hours' thank you presents

Mark has spent his life so far building things. Working initially from an engineering background, the birth of the Internet saw a creative challenge emerge that was seized by Mark and carried off for further investigation. Today, the desire to visualise ideas and consequently build things (from websites to houses), still forms the basis of Mark’s professional and personal life.

Mark, a freelance web developer, is always available for hire and can be contacted through via Sommelier Cru.